Storks have accompanied us since the relocation of the Publisher's headquarters from Parkowa St. to Przemysłowa St. 14.

We were already accompanied by them - in 2000 they appeared on the cover of the album 'Poland' with photographs by Adam Bujak - a book for Bosz, who is very important because he realizes our publishing mission fully: promotion of Polish nature, culture and national heritage.

These live, non-paper storks were not afraid of heavy equipment and noise that accompanied the renovation of the offices before the publishing house moved. They did not escape when the chimney with their nest was dismantled - for safety reasons. We immediately prepared a new house for them - a nesting frame placed on a tree, right at the entrance to the company premises. We were expecting spring with fear - will they like it, don't like it, will they come back or not? But they came back! And immediately in the first year they founded a nest. Since then, they come back to us every year and grow their family. From the windows of our offices we watch how the nest refreshes in spring, then Mr. Stork recommends to Mrs. Stork, and from May we keep our fingers crossed for young storks flying every day above - until departure for the winter.

Thanks to the camera directed at the stork's nest, the image of which we will constantly emit on our site, also you - our dear Colleagues, Readers and Sympathizers - will soon have the opportunity to follow the stork weekday, from spring to early autumn.

Have a nice experience!