This album presents the most beautiful icons in Polish collections. Magnificent works of the Eastern Church from the period between the 15th and 18th century, amazing depictions of Christ Pantocrator, Virgin Mary and the saints.

The richly illustrated “Atlas of Legends” by Paweł Zych, the author of the popular “Slavic Bestiaries”, opens a new series on Polish tales. Divided into several parts, it presents stories from Lower and Upper Silesia, the Lubusz province and Greater Poland.

Greek Mythology Beasts and Monsters. A Lexicon byBartłomiej Grzegorz Sala presents over seventy mythological creatures from ancient Greek beliefs.

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 Volume three of The Book of World Dragons by Bartłomiej Grzegorz Sala this time features dragons and serpent-like beasts from tales and legends from non-European cultures. In his new book, the author, a historian and ethnologist, introduces draconic creatures from Sub-Saharan Africa, the Arab world, Muslim India and Persia, as well as Tibet and South-East Asia. 

“Legendary Sea Monsters” by Katarzyna Jasińska is a unique book devoted to sea creatures known from legends and myths from various parts of the world. 

A real treat for all ectoplasm enthusiasts. This beautifully illustrated album features ghosts, ghouls and apparitions believed to have been haunting selected Polish towns and castles.

In their sequel to the widely popular Slavic bestiary the talented duo of authors/illustrators, Paweł Zych and Witold Vargas invite the Reader to make acquaintance with yet another bunch of scary fantastic creatures, even more mysterious and less known than the beasts featured in the original book.

The Stilo Lighthouse and Other Legends of Pomerania is a collection of the most fascinating legends from the regions of Northern Poland, edited by the laureate of the literary competition “Legends of the Blue Land”, Magdalena Kubiak.

Myths of the Seas and Oceans is a unique version of tales and legends directly connected to sea and ocean themes. The author of the book, a notable Polish sailor and journalist, Krzysztof Baranowski, introduces the reader to carefully selected ancient and mediaeval mythological and literary stories.

Volume two of The Book of World Dragons by Bartłomiej Grzegorz Sala presents over 100 dragons and serpent-like beasts known from tales and legends of pre-Christian and Christian Europe. As a historian and ethnologist, the author describes the dragons in a detailed and vivid way, from Scandinavia and the British Isles to the Alps and the Balkan Peninsula.