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The richly illustrated “Atlas of Legends” by Paweł Zych, the author of the popular “Slavic Bestiaries”, opens a new series on Polish tales. Divided into several parts, it presents stories from Lower and Upper Silesia, the Lubusz province and Greater Poland.

In their sequel to the widely popular Slavic bestiary the talented duo of authors/illustrators, Paweł Zych and Witold Vargas invite the Reader to make acquaintance with yet another bunch of scary fantastic creatures, even more mysterious and less known than the beasts featured in the original book.

The Slavic Bestiary. Part One and Two is a unique edition of the popular “Bestiaries” containing both volumes in the series: “On Dwarves, Water Elves and Water Nymphs”, and “The Slavic Bestiary 2”.

Monika Bułaj is an independent photographer, writer and documentarian who explores the spiritual edges of Asia, Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe, such as rituals, pilgrimages, dances, the cult of the dead, trance and possession rituals.

Following the successful “Slavic Mythology”, the authors Jakub Bobrowski and Mateusz Wrona present a book written in a similar style, titled “Devils, Demons, Ghosts.

A real treat for all ectoplasm enthusiasts. This beautifully illustrated album features ghosts, ghouls and apparitions believed to have been haunting selected Polish towns and castles.

This album presents the most beautiful icons in Polish collections. Magnificent works of the Eastern Church from the period between the 15th and 18th century, amazing depictions of Christ Pantocrator, Virgin Mary and the saints.

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The phenomenon of highway robbery as a part of the Carpathian folklore has fascinated many for years. This book features 37 most (in)famous head bandits (harnaś in Polish) who operated in the Carpathian Mountains from the 16th until the 19th century, some of them brazenly venturing as far as Moravia, Silesia, Podole or even Cracow and Przemyśl.

The Book of Polish Dragons features historical-ethnographic portraits of 25 mythical beasts – dragons, monstrous snakes and other outlandish creatures  once believed to have inhabited the Polish lands.

A collection of 65 folk and literary stories newly written by Bartłomiej Grzegorz Sala.

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“Devil Knows” is a continuation of “Devil and Company”, which was presented with the 2014 Best Polish Book for Children Award at the Children’s Literature Festival. It was created by a collaborating duet: a famous author of literature for children and adults, Agnieszka Taborska, and an accomplished illustrator and designer, Lech Majewski.

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Slavic mythology by Jakub Bobrowski and Mateusz Wrona invites the Reader on a journey into the land of ancient Slavs and beliefs which had defined their world.