In fact, Zofia Stryjeńska became famous as a painter and illustrator, but she was also a skilled writer. This collection of rules of etiquette proves the versatility of the Princess of Polish Painting and her unusual sense of humour.

Magdalena Gorzkowska, the author of the best-selling “Herbs. How to Harvest, Preserve and Use” comes back with volume two of the guide, which contains an additional chapter on tinctures. 

Business Etiquette is a practical explanation of good manners at work, presenting norms and principles. If they are to be used skilfully, they need to go hand in hand with genuine sensitivity to others. What it implies and how to develop and nurture good manners is a subject for literature, poetry, music, theatre, film, opera, but most of all our daily thoughtful and studied relationships with others.

A manual for everyone interested in herbal medicine and creating their own herbal remedies.

The book on good parenting by a well-known and accomplished expert on etiquette and dress code, academic lecturer, Irena Kamińska-Radomska, PhD, is an unusual guidebook on how to raise your child. It is particularly useful to all who care about wise and responsible parenting, and at the same time about building a real and healthy parent–child relationship.

A book by Nina Bojarska, who — together with her husband, Damian Bojarski — runs the Naturally Healthy foundation in the Bieszczady Mountains, is mainly devoted to the production of natural cosmetics.

The World Has Gone Insane. A Surrealist Guide. How to Survive by Agnieszka Taborska – with graphic design by Lech Majewski – shows that surrealism is more than just a style: it is a way of perceiving reality.

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Naturally Healthy is a richly illustrated guide on how to eat properly and how healing herbs help us stay well and healthy. Nina and Damian Bojarski, the authors, share their knowledge, passion and experience in herbalism, diet therapy and healthy lifestyle.

We often tend to regard the rules of savoir-vivre, also known as savoir-faire, or simply  the etiquette as a stiff old-fashioned corset which does nothing else except constrain us.