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The richly illustrated “Atlas of Legends” by Paweł Zych, the author of the popular “Slavic Bestiaries”, opens a new series on Polish tales. Divided into several parts, it presents stories from Lower and Upper Silesia, the Lubusz province and Greater Poland.

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„Bestiariuszek słowiański. Niewidzialni pomocnicy” to znakomita propozycja dla tych milusińskich, których pasjonują historie o mitycznych stworzeniach, krasnoludach i słowiańskich stworach. 

A real treat for all ectoplasm enthusiasts. This beautifully illustrated album features ghosts, ghouls and apparitions believed to have been haunting selected Polish towns and castles.

In their sequel to the widely popular Slavic bestiary the talented duo of authors/illustrators, Paweł Zych and Witold Vargas invite the Reader to make acquaintance with yet another bunch of scary fantastic creatures, even more mysterious and less known than the beasts featured in the original book.

The Slavic Bestiary. Part One and Two is a unique edition of the popular “Bestiaries” containing both volumes in the series: “On Dwarves, Water Elves and Water Nymphs”, and “The Slavic Bestiary 2”.

Another volume in the bestiary series by Witold Vargas, this time on the creatures from the Land of the Rising Sun. We discover the mysterious and magical beasts, demons, and spirits that the Japanese call yōkai.

When we look into Polish tales, fables and legends, we get the impression that our forefathers were passionate about such stories. Centuries of history gave rise to a vast, colourful and densely-populated world of Polish folk beliefs.

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Following the great reception of the “Slavic Bestiary” series, one of its authors, Witold Vargas, prepared a sequel, this time focusing entirely on animals.

Magical Professions. Blacksmith, Wizard, Alchemist  is another book by Witold Vargas and Paweł Zych, which is a continuation of the extremely popular Legendarz series.

The Book of Polish Dragons features historical-ethnographic portraits of 25 mythical beasts – dragons, monstrous snakes and other outlandish creatures  once believed to have inhabited the Polish lands.

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Acclaimed for their unique work, artists Witold Vargas and Paweł Zych have come together again to take us on a journey through the nether world and our own in search of saints and devils inhabiting the Polish land.