BOSZ Publishing specialises in editing albums about art, landscape, wildlife and cultural heritage. The Publishing House was founded by Barbara Kaniewska-Szymanik and Bogdan Szymanik in Olszanica in 1994. So far, more than 800 titles have come out in the total run of over 2.8 million copies. Our offices are located in Lesko, a small town in the Bieszczady Mountains, which does not hinder collaboration with outstanding authors and major cultural institutions throughout Poland. Our albums feature collections of the Warsaw National Museum, the Cracow National Museum, the Cracow Ethnographic Museum, the City of Cracow Historical Museum, the Tatra Museum in Zakopane, the Warsaw Museum of Literature, the state archives, as well as the Historical Museum and the Folk Architecture Museum in Sanok.

We have been awarded and distinguished in book contests for several years. We take special care of the editorial quality of our books and attach great significance to the printing and aesthetic quality.

Every year, we attend book fairs at home – Warsaw, Cracow and Wrocław – and abroad, including Frankfurt, London, Paris, Brussels, Göteborg, Budapest and Bucharest.

The first book published under the Bosz imprint was Bieszczady, featuring photographs by Tadeusz Budziński. Since the very first album, there has been a cheap, generally available miniature version alongside the full-size album and at least a bilingual content (mostly Polish-English). These two tendencies have been preserved to date in many albums.

Bosz albums are mostly the Publisher’s original projects. Many ideas are conceived in the Publishing House, an then developed in collaboration with renowned artists and professionals. This is definitely a more difficult path to take than releasing reprints or adaptations of books; however, it gives us a greater sense of satisfaction with the finished project. To achieve a result which will live up to the original concept, the work must involve exceptional people, and such are employed by the Publisher. Our photographers include: Adam Bujak, Tadeusz Budziński, Paweł Pierściński, Stanisław Składanowski, Chris Niedenthal, Jerzy Habdas, Michał Grychowski, Piotr Witosławski, Wacław Wantuch, Piotr Skórnicki and many others. The texts have been written by such authors as Jerzy Janicki, Father Jan Twardowski, Olgierd Budrewicz, Wiesław Ochman, Janusz Głowacki, Hanna Bakuła, whilst the graphic design is the work of the Academy of Fine Arts professors: Władysław Pluta, Lech Majewski, Maciej Buszewicz, as well as Janusz Kapusta and Tadeusz Nuckowski. We also take care of the factual content of the work and consults renowned experts in the field.

We aim at publishing books of the highest editorial quality, attracting with both their content and appearance. We hope that our publications will contribute to the promotion of Polish art, culture and beauty of the Polish countryside.